C Corporation

C Corp or C Corporation offers maximum tax-related options for you. C Corp helps to keep the company and owner as a separate entity. This feature facilitates the company to raise capital by issuing publicly traded stock. C Corp does get higher rate taxes because the taxes are applicable to corporate as well as owner’s entities In general, a C Corporation is best for large business entities. It attracts more investors, venture capitalists, and shareholders as it allows wider ownership. Most of the larger scale businesses in the USA are C Corporation business types.

Why go for a C Corporation?

Limited Liability

This is applicable for officers, directors, employees, and shareholders.

Perpetual existence

Perpetual existence. Even if the owner exits the corporation.

Enhanced credibility

Enhanced credibility. Gain respect among suppliers and lenders.

Unlimited growth potential

Can raise a great amount through the sale of stock.

Unlimited shareholders

As per guidelines to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Tax Advantages

Enjoy tax-deductible business expenses.

C Corporation Formation Process

Choose a reputation for your corporation Choose a reputation for your company, which must include “Incorporation”, “Incorporated” or “Limited.” Names must be checked with the registry to make sure it’s different from those already registered. This certificate is to be filled out with the name of the corporate , the name of the country where it’s mainly based in and therefore the name and address of the one that are going to be receiving the copy of the services
Get a registered agent

The State Department must be named because the agent for the corporate

Company Records Book

This must be done to stay all files and documents in one place which include the minutes of meetings, stock certificates, et al. 

Corporate Bylaws

A separate document must be made to line down basic ground rules for the corporation

Appoint Directors

The shareholders must appoint a board of directors to manage the corporate

Set a Board Meeting

A gathering must be held for the administrators to appoint officers, implement the bylaws and choose a bank for the corporate

Issue Stock

This must be done in order that each shareholder receives its stock

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