DBA/Fictitious Business Name

We can file Doing Business As names for corporations & limited liability companies (LLCs). Let us know that you would like us to register a DBA name and we’ll send you the right application. Return it to us and we’ll take it from there. Once the state or local government has accepted your request, we will send you an approval notice. Your DBA name will then be part of the public record from there.

We need to understand or know about a DBA is that a DBA is not the official name of your company. When your company registered with the Secretary of state, you chose a corporate name or a business name. Your DBA is not your official business name. It tells the state that you’ve decided to operate this official business under a fictitious name a DBA or a trade name. A company may have several DBAs under one corporate umbrella. DBA is not their corporate entities, so if you haven’t registered your DBA under an actual company and you’re just using a fictitious name to run your business under, it’s not going to give you the same kind of protection that a company would from like personal liability. so anything that you’re operating that DBA in any sort of business transactions or business that you’re using that DBA for will expose you to personal liability. that’s a huge problem if your DBA or fictitious name is not like under the umbrella of your corporation.

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