Social Media Marketing

We offer a full end-to-end social media management service. With a keen focus on video and social, offering a full customer experience to attract new business. Growing your followers on social networks will help you increase word of mouth and more referrals. Our social media marketing team will help you increase your followers with relevant people.

Engaging with your audience can be difficult at times but remembering the importance of maintaining one on one relationships will sustain your business. Posting content to bigger audiences will be especially important tactic for you to use. It can be essential to make sure you do not forget smaller individual customers as well.

A sound social media marketing strategy will help you plan, execute, analyze, and measure your social media campaigns. It is essential you have an experienced team to help guide you to widen your audience.

How to strategize your social media marketing?

Today’s not only are people fighting for engagement now they’re also paying for it. you might have experienced some of the algorithms from like Facebook and Instagram changing. These algorithms are trying to find a way to pivot. social media strategy is a process that involves alongside your company growth so pay attention because each step matters. Do market research and learn what works before you even think about setting goals or publishing content. take a look at what’s happening in the social media landscape around you and think about where you can make the most impact.

Consider if you want to increase Facebook engagement of my business page from 5% to 25% by the end of this quarter each goal you create should only focus on one single metric define. your audience on social media the audience is everything. if you’re not targeting the right people your content will fall flat your engagement will drop and all your hard work will be unnoticed. all of your efforts will be gone with the wind. you won’t be the best because you’ll post quickly. you’ll be the best because the crowd loves you. win the crowd and you will win in social media. a good place to start thinking about these audiences is by creating a customer persona to bring together everything there is to know about a target customer or follower. some areas to focus on well creating a customer persona our background lifestyle pain points and where they get their information publish your unique content. whether it’s a Facebook post about a popular ebook or tweet about an upcoming product release or an Instagram video about your new product. the content published should align with your brand identity. stop posting the same stock photography that everybody else is using come on let’s post some unique content which means actually creating the content. get out there shoot some photos shoot, some videos of your own.

If you’re not analyzing how every post ad or tweet you’re create performs, it is impossible to truly see their impact the data from your past post will determine the success in your future. posts let me say that again the data from your past posts will determine votes the data from your past posts will determine the success in your future posts. to ideas on how to use your top performing posts make similar content and test variations of the same type of content. make that post into an ad and running against the target audience that might not know you. yet bonus try new things the best social media strategies aren’t static look at the content you publish and find out what about them is most successful then apply to other platforms and channels. every pulse you create or add your display is an opportunity to learn a little bit more about what your target audience wants, but make sure you’re not recycling ideas forever. keep things interesting for your audience and keep them guessing. what you’re gonna be posting next when you test analyze and reevaluate your social media content on a constant basis. it helps you craft a social media strategy that is going to help you in the future towards your goals.

Social Media Management Plans


$ 199

• 3 Facebook / Week
• 3 Instagram / Week
• Social Media Creation
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$ 299

• 4 Facebook / Week
• 4 Instagram / Week
• 4 Twitter / Week
• 1 Custom Graphic
• Social Media Creation
• Monthly Analytics Report
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$ 399

• 5 Facebook / Week
• 5 Instagram / Week
• 5 Twitter / Week
• 5 LinkedIn / Week
• 1 Pinterest / Week
• 2 Google / Week
• 2 Custom Graphics
• Social Media Creation
• Monthly Analytics Report
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$ 499

• 7 Facebook / Week
• 7 Instagram / Week
• 5 Twitter / Week
• 5 LinkedIn / Week
• 2 Pinterest / Week
• 3 Google / Week
• 2 SEO Blog / Month
• 30 Second Animated Video
• 3 Custom Graphics
• Social Media Creation
• Monthly Analytics Report
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